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The year is 1456 BCE.  The Egyptian Empire rules much of the Levant, and has conquered the land of Canaan.

The pharaoh Thutmose III  rules his empire with the blessing of his all-powerful gods.

But there was one god who only saw Egypt and its pantheon with fury and scorn.  A god whose people had been enslaved by the empire for over two centuries:  Yahweh of the Shasu.

Yahweh would lead his own military campaign against the Canaanite pantheon in an effort to gain more power and liberate his homeland from the foreigners and the non-believers.  The brutality of his onslaught ripped apart the North Star,  a beacon and a guiding light which presided over all the heavens and the mortal world.


If Yahweh's wrath is not stopped, then the darkness inside all living things would consume them, and the Shattered Star would be forever broken, plunging the mortal world into perpetual chaos.

To this end, Gabriel, trusted messenger of the Canaanite god El, began an impossible task to recruit an army to stop Yahweh.

Thus, he begins an epic quest to each of the world's Great Pantheons to warn them of the coming war.  His journey will take him to the lands of the ancient gods of the Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, and Taoist pantheons.  They will impart to him the wisdom he needs to do what must be done.

The first part of his epic quest is available now!


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