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The Geneva Summit, a gathering of world leaders and diplomats representing both humans and Overhumans, has ended in tragedy.  A bomb ripped through the building, killing the leaders of Ireland, Denmark, Greece, India and China, as well as many others.  The Azrian Underground, a terrorist organization, has claimed responsibility for the act.

In response, several world governments have passed the Human Right Act, which requires all Overhumans to register with their respective intelligence or national security agencies and have their very lives monitored.  In Egypt, that is the General Intelligence Service.  This has caused essentially, a war between humans and Overhumans across the planet.

In Egypt, the Human Right Party is the ruling party.  They believe that God intended humankind to rule the Earth.  And they will stop at nothing to ensure that reality.


It is the blinding light of Virtue that drives them.   And it is that light that must be extinguished if the world is to survive.

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