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The Human Right Party

The powerful political party currently running Egypt.  They are philosophically aligned with the Far Right and believe God intended mankind to dominate the Earth.  To them, the only thing that matters is the absolute supremacy of the human race.  And they will stop at nothing to ensure that.

General Grey’s group has been fighting the Human Right in secrecy for years, and he believes they are under the control of a much darker and more powerful entity.

The Azrian Underground

A designated terrorist organization by many world governments who claimed responsibility for the deadly Geneva bombing which killed hundreds of human and Overhuman leaders who had gathered for peace talks.   They are led by a mysterious and immensely powerful Azrian code-named the Kind Man.

The Underground’s origins date back to the 5th Century CE when Christianity came to Ireland and began a campaign of genocide against a religion of Overhumans known as Azrianism, who believe Ireland is their ancestral homeland.

The Veiled

Hidden assassins within the Coptic Church of Alexandria, led by Al-Muqanna - The Veiled Prophet.  For three years, they have had one primary mission:  Find the Nine Virtues before time runs out.

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