The Fallen Angel

Since the beginning, Gabriel was the Left Hand and trusted messenger of the Canaanite god El.  He is tasked by his god with one final mission:  prepare the Great Pantheons for the wars to come.  Gabriel finds himself uncertain and lost in a world he doesn't understand.  Visiting each of the Great Pantheons becomes more of a personal journey of self discovery, rather than a divine mission to save the world.  Though he  doesn't realize it, what Gabriel is actually seeking is the ideal  that will live on long after he's gone.


The ruler of the Norse pantheon, often referred to as the Raven-God.  He sits in judgement of Gabriel who has come before him seeking Asgard's aid in the upcoming war against the Israelite god Yahweh.


Daughter of Odin and a powerful Valkyrie, Brynhildr seeks nothing more than to protect her brother from the persecution of the gods after his lurid affair.  Brynhildr's memories and spirit play a crucial role in Gabriel's quest to stop Yahweh from upending the natural balance of all things.