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Name: Aya Sharik - the Queen

Age:  20s

Classification:  Classified

Quiet.  Unassuming.  Cursed.  Aya works as an accountant at Scion Labs, one of the most powerful new technology companies in the world, based outside of Cairo.  She has a boring life and loves every second of the silence, preferring to be in the background, avoiding conflict and doing her job.  She’s also super shy.  Dating is a chore, and she finds the games people play to be childish.  She has maybe one good friend, and the rest are just acquaintances.   She was raised by her uncle who adopted her as an infant.  She keeps to herself, and that company is enough for her.

But this is all  hiding a great fear she has inside of her.   Something that has always haunted her, that has always been there, which is now, mysteriously, manifesting with devastating results.

Name:  Arturo Interias - the Spy

Age:  30s

Classification:  Overhuman

Soldier.  Spy.  Assassin.  Arturo once served as an agent of the General Intelligence Service in Egypt, but became a wanted man when it was learned he was an Azrian passing on intel to the Azrian Underground, a designated terrorist organization.  Living a life on the run and in the shadows, he eventually joins the Veiled, hidden assassins headquartered in the Coptic Church of Alexandria, to continue his hunt for the Nine Virtues.

Arturo is one of the most skilled fighters on the planet.  He is proficient in all forms of weaponry and hand-to-hand combat, where his heightened strength and agility due to his Overhuman heritage has no equal.  He is fearless, a good strategist, and has a kind heart.  Beneath the hardened exterior is a man who is fiercely loyal to his friends and would give anything for them.  Up to and including his life.  

Name:  Carrick Grey - the General

Age:  60s

Classification:  Human

Warrior.  Veteran.  Commander.  Carrick is a senior member of the Veiled.  His mission:  to find the Nine Virtues.

He is a veteran of the Black Watch Regiment and served several tours of duty in the 80s and 90s around the world, culminating with the war in Western Asia during the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Containing a bevy of intel on the Egyptian government, its military and the Levant, Carrick brings invaluable knowledge, experience, foresight and command leadership to his group.

After having a falling out with his leadership, Carrick left the Royal Army and joined the Veiled, where he fell off the public grid and became Britain's most wanted target.   Though human, he works tirelessly to help find the Nine Virtues, which he believes are the key to surviving the Deluge that is to come.

Carrick never married.  He’s had relationships but has always remained tight-lipped about them.  In Arturo, he sees a promising protégé.  In Aya, he sees the future that he’s always fought for.  

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