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Villainy wears many masks; none so dangerous as the mask of virtue.


-Washington Irving

VIRTUE takes place in the present day and follows the journey of Aya Sharik and her companions as they search for the mythical Nine Virtues in an effort to survive the coming Deluge. 

Along the way Aya makes the startling discovery that everything she knows as mythology is in fact real.  Every legend, every fairy tale, every piece of folklore, and yes, every god.

Hence, this is a story largely about our ancient history and who we are, but with the focus on its darker aspects.   Aya always feels like she is falling down an endless rabbit hole, but in some ways, she enjoys every second of the descent into madness.  And make no mistake, that madness is a very real thing.   For this universe is unforgiving, full of hate and love, but above all, wonder.

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